Settings for I'm Under Attack after a DDoS attack

One of our domains have been DDoS-ed before and we are seeing a rise of it on the same domain even on a different IP address.

We turned on I’m Under Attack mode a few times manually because Cloudflare took about 1 hour to pick it up, and then mitigated the attack.

  1. So what security level should we keep after we turn off I’m Under Attack mode?

  2. What other measures can we take on our Free plan?

  1. “High” would be the natural choice.
  2. Mitigating an HTTP DDoS Attack manually with Cloudflare

If you have a system administrator, they should set up a monitoring system to visualize the data in real-time.
Alternatively (and likely cheaper) is to upgrade to the PRO package. The Pro package doesn’t have many benefits for the automation of DDoS attacks, but the analytics can be convenient, especially if you want to follow the guide I made a while ago.


It’s just me, just starting out.

Can you point me in the direction of your guide?

You were linked it earlier :laughing:, here you have it:


Thanks for letting me know!

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Ha ha, I just saw the other reply. Thanks again!

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