Settings for Domain Registered from CloudFlare?

Yesterday, I registered a new domain from Cloudflare. However, I am unable to configure the DNS settings as I did for a domain hosted with another company. I exported all the DNS settings of another domain that I host on the exact same server, changed only the domain names, and added them to the new domain, but it still didn’t work. How can I connect the domain I purchased from Cloudflare to my server?

Yes of course i am sure… I have 3 domain in same VPS. Other 2 work very well without any problem with same settings. Its have only 1 difference other 2 domain registered from other domain provider than add cf. Last domain directly buy from CF.

Are you getting an error in the dashboard, or dns resolution issues?

When I go to the site you’ve registered on Cloudflare it looks to be loading fine. It sent me to a maintenence page with this message Maintenance mode is on Site will be available soon. Thank you for your patience!.

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