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I have one domain which when I set it up it was in a different account to all my other domains. I don’t have access to the account with this one (or more, probably one only). So I started adding it again to my new account with my other domains in it. It was then I was warned by Cloudflare, about the other account with this one account in it saying they were looking to see who was the rightful owner of this domain, the owner of this domain the original owner or me as the new owner. It was supposed to take one day, but 2.5 days later, not a peep out of Cloudflare. I tried getting help but I couldn’t get any help being a free account.

I created most of the DNS again in my account with my other domains. I tried searching for the original domain settings added in Cloudflare’s database. But it couldn’t be found. I would have sworn it was there when I was first setting up the DNS. But I might be wrong. What I have noticed is that the only difference between all my other domains and this now one, is the servers. All my other domains use only 1 set of servers, and this new domain is using a different pair of servers. So I’m wondering if it is possible to change the new domain to the same servers as the other domains. And would that solve the problem.

The problem being that Cloudflare will not answer my question because I’m using a free account. Is it possible that they have fixed the problem, but will not tell me? Or if I could change the nameservers to the same as my other domains. Would that fix the problem?

So I seem to up the creek without a paddle. But I kinda think they may have fixed the problem because I cannot find it in a search. But I don’t really know how to fix this. With or without Cloudflare’s help.

Thank you for bearing with my explantion.

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Cloudflare cannot change the nameservers. You need to change the nameservers at your domain registrar, so that Cloudflare can be certain that the domain is yours (or under your control).


That makes some sense. I’ll ask my registrar about that. Thank you.


How long does it take before we are allowed to change nameservers? I have allowed it from your reply until now. I changed the nameservers at my registrar. The registrar can see the changes. But nothing has changed yet at Cloudflare. How long does that take? Before I can change the nameservers to the same nameservers as the rest of my domains.

What is the domain name?

Make sure the nameservers are those specified for the domain at the bottom of the DNS settings page…

They may be different nameservers from your other domains.

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What do you man by allowed? You don’t need to allow anything. You simply log in to your account at your domain registrar and update the domain. Replace any nameservers with the two shown in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app.

It is important to note that if you were using DNSSEC, it will need to be updated if it has changed.

If you share your domain name, the Community can review your published DNS and offer more specific recommendations.

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The domain name is My registrar is telling me the namesservers were changed to and (the same as the rest of the domains in my account).But more importantly, these are different than the existing servers on the account, and

You should be mindful that these last servers are the ones on the other account which I cannot log into, which both here and Cloudflare, I’ve been told the servers would change to the new servers set at the registrar. Which hasn’t happened. From what I can see.

The account I cannot log into, is my account, which I cannot remember the password for. if I could, this would be plain sailing.

No, you need to change the name servers at the registrar to match those given by Cloudflare (grant and kira). This won’t happen on its own, you will need to log in to your registrar and do it.

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OK. I’ll try that. Thank you. So after that. Will I be able to change them to the nameservers I use for every other domain?

No, they must be set to the ones that Cloudflare says for that domain. While you may find all or most of your domains will use the same nameservers, that is not guaranteed.

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Only just now managed to get the nameservers set back to the original. Just now waiting for them to propogate. Shouldn’t be long.

Seems like the new servers are installed, but they are in a continuous state of resolving. This seems to be happening on all non-GMail servers but not on GMail servers. Don’t know how to fix this.

Do you mean you are having email problems? If you use to connect to your email it is currently proxied and probably should be set to “DNS only”. The target of your MX is also proxied, but Cloudflare has worked round that.

Connecting to your site is ok.

Here are my current settings for my dns. Please can you look over them and tell me what might be wrong?

A autoconfig proxied
A DNS only (from your last message)
A FTP proxied
A Webmail proxied
CNAME mail proxied
CNAME www. proxied
MX DNS only
TXT DNS only
TXT default.domainkey DNS only
TXT _dmarc DNS only

Are these settings correct? Should there be anything else?

Should be TXT default,_domainkey DNS only

should be

CNAME www proxied

Problems with emails? Yes. My GMail settings appear to be working, but it’s my email are not using gmails which are on continuous state of resolving, & (the only two). We are talking only about here in this thread. Probably if that get fixed, I’ll know how to fix up any others.

Usually anything to do with mail should be DNS only, anything that uses a webserver proxied.

autoconfig, “DNS only”
A should be proxied
A ftp should be “DNS only”, delete if not using FTP
A webmail should be proxied unless pointing to an external provider, delete if not using
mail - “DNS only”, delete if not using
CNAME www should be proxied
MX “DNS only” (can’t be proxied anyway, ensure what it points to is “DNS only” although Cloudflare will usually work around if not)
TXT “DNS only” (can’t be proxied anyway)

That’s helped a lot. I’m now getting my emails on [email protected].