Setting up the host for WEB3

First of all I must say, that the offered support for the web3 issues by CLOUDFLARE direct support is still quite poor. It would need a simple done step by step guide how to set up the gateway and get the offered web3 within the Cloudflare dashboard working. Maybe some of you did successfully manage to do so and therefore we could create a simple plain ENGLISH flow chart or step by step guide. Not everyone is an IT expert. for example, i get this: Must be an apex or subdomain of the selected zone.
It is completely unclear to what it is referring.
I have entered the a record of the web 3 domain it resulted in the same error messsage
I did enter the ipfs://clubvegan.explore. it resulted in the same error.
to be on the safe site it did check if cloudflare can find the ipfs domain, which is a clear no so far.
Just going nowhere.
Cloudflare is pushing me to complete setup or they push me out of the web3.
I fact i have 3 TLDs in web 3 and 15 domains. It would be useful to be in cloudflare… but how
thanks for your feedbacks
let’s help Cloudflare to get even more better…

Hello @eckhard.cnool, I’m sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.

Please follow these steps below to set up a Web3 gateway with Cloudflare:

  • Log in to your Cloudflare dashboard.
  • Select the domain you want to use for Web3.
  • Go to the DNS settings menu.
  • Add an A record pointing to the IP address provided by your Web3 service (IPFS).
  • Ensure the record is an apex domain (like or a subdomain (like

The error “Must be an apex or subdomain of the selected zone” means you must use a domain or subdomain that is part of the domain you have registered with Cloudflare. I’m afraid you cannot use an IPFS address directly in the DNS record.

If you’re still having trouble, please provide more details about the steps you’ve taken and where exactly you’re encountering issues, so we can assist you better.

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