Setting up SSL for ScreenConnect/Connectwise Control



I have a self-hosted Connectwise Control server in Azure, and I’m trying to set up SSL on it to secure web sessions.

Here are the instructions from Connectwise:

I’m new to SSL in general want to use CloudFlare as my CA for this. I went through the process using their SSL Configurator script, and it generated a CSR and Private Key file. I pasted the CSR text to CloudFlare > Crypto > Origin Certificates > Create Certificate > “I have my own private key and CSR”.

For the hostname I added my subdomain for the server (

Next it displayed the certificate text, which I copied and pasted to a .cer file on the server, per Connectwise’s instructions.

I finished out the configuration tool and changed the port to 443, but got certificate mismatch errors when trying to browse to

Connectwise support says it must be some sort of incompatibility with CloudFlare’s certificate. Am I missing something here or doing something wrong? Thanks for your help!


Sorry for the delay. Are you still having issues? Have you submitted a support ticket yet?