Setting Up SSL Cert for domain that redirects (without hosting)

Can an SSL Certificate be set up for a domain (D1) that is not hosted on a server, and is simply a redirect to another domain (D2) which is a secure URL

Sounds like a case for an SSL for SaaS at first :thinking:

However, from what I understand and using, yes it is possible.

I have DNS for my domain name at Cloudflare. Therefrom, A www and A both DNS records are :orange: and proxied and pointed to some temporary IP address like

Using Page Rules, I simply forward it to my other domain name

In other words, domainA doesn’t have hosting, neither e-mail, neither an SSL certificate, but when a user enters https:// in their Web browser, it does the job and works fine :slight_smile:

Domain is added to my Cloudflare account, using Cloudflare nameservers and the magic happens :wink:


Thanks so much!

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