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Hi, I’d like to set up SendInBlue for our automated email, we purchased an IP and we can’t figure out how to set up, specifically how to add the subdomain (do we create in Cloudflare?) and where to point our primary and secondary DNS to.

Has anyone set up SendInBlue, or have you dealt with these issues? Wld love some help, thank you!


Haven’t used them… based on their documentation though it looks like you need to decide what subdomain you want to use with their service and then set up NS delegation to them (“setting up the subdomain” on Cloudflare means just creating the NS delegations for whatever you choose to use e.g. email if you followed their example below):

First, create a subdomain to use exclusively with SendinBlue (such as Then point that subdomain to SendinBlue by adding two name server records to that subdomain, with the subdomain as the host, and and as the data.

Then link that in your account following the steps they provide (don’t have an account so can’t tell you what it looks like exactly)

So your records in Cloudflare would look like

Type Name Value
NS email
NS email


Hey, thank you so much for the reply. I will try this now and let you know how it goes, thank you again.


Can you provide guidance on how and where I set up the NS delegations? I’m in the DNS now, but don’t see where to do that. If I set up a new record, it doesn’t look like it allows me to add two subdomains.


Here’s what I did:

But there isn’t a place to add two name servers/data, where do I add that?


Just go ahead and add a second one with the same name, but the other nameserver value.


Thanks, but where do I add the first thing? The, is that an NS? … what do I name that, and wehre do I hadd it. Do I just add the two NS records and that’s it?


Choose type from the dropdown list again, and select NS, then use sib for the name and as the value where it says name of nameserver (that is the nameserver you are delegating the zone to and then they will I assume create and manage the needed entries for that subdomain)


Thank you, I think I did that if you look at the image. But where do I put the to? Is that a seperate NS than the first two (, ?


When you created the record sib as a NS it is actually sib,, so that’s yhat you were doing. You’re good, you pointed sib to sendinblue to manage for you.

dig ns +short

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