Setting up PTR on cloudflare for proxied domain on private server

I’m trying to set up reverse DNS on a server. On most other servers I have worked with the PTR is set by the provider of the server. In this case however since I am using cloudflare to do DNS for the primary domain name of the server they are telling me that I have to set up a PTR record in cloudflare.

The main reason I am working on this is that email being sent out from the server is getting knocked for spam because the PTR record that you can see if you do a PTR lookup on the server’s hostname is something like:

I tried adding a PTR record that in cloudflare looks like this:

PTR Auto DNS Only

However I am fairly sure that that isn’t working. I know the IP address and the server’s hostname are correct. Am I just putting them in incorrectly? Or do I need something else in there?

There is no difference here vs any other provider, PTR records are set at the host that provided your IP addresses (your ISP, VPS provider or connectivity provider, normally).

On the Cloudflare side you would normally set up the matching A or AAAA record (:grey: non-proxied) to complete the loop.

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I’m even more confused now… This is what my server provider sent me when I asked them to set the PTR on the server to
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Anything that goes through Cloudflare needs to be set through them, including PTR records.

There’s their tutorial on how to do it. Should be handled in their control panel.
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We already have an A record pointing to the server set up as:

A server27 ip.add.of.server

There is also an A record for the root domain:

A ip.add.of.server

But both of these were set as proxied. If I just turn off the proxy is that all that I need to do or is there something else I need to add an A record for?

Also, if I turn off the proxy it exposes the IP address of my server. We don’t want to do that…

PTR is a reverse DNS lookup for an IP address.

If the IP address you’re making a PTR record for belongs to Cloudflare, then you can’t do that. It’s shared among many websites, and belongs to Cloudflare.

If the IP address you’re making a PTR record for belongs to your host, then they might let you do that. But it’s up to them. And you have to do this at your host. I do it with my VPS servers, but it’s a dedicated IP address I own.

To be clear, the IP address of your server does not go through Cloudflare. If someone were to type that IP address in their browser, it will not query DNS, and it will not proxy through Cloudflare. It will connect directly to your server (though it will route through network hardware with their own IP addresses).

Don’t turn that proxy off. It’s not going to help this situation at all. Outbound mail does not go through Cloudflare.

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