Setting up page rules for a beginner

I am new to the Cloudflare world and I m seriously soo much confused as all of the different page rules videos I have been seeing.
No one is inserting the same page rule.
please help me in setting the page rules and the correct order.
[this is my page rule order]

can you please have a look and tell me is my order correct and should i change anything?
thanks a lot

Hi, you should invert them. The ones with more specific filters should go on top otherwise everything falls on the first.

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i didn’t got what u said.
can you please explain the order
like which one to put first, As i am new to the cloudfare world

my 1st page rule includes-*

these page rules

my 2nd page rule-

thee page rules.
my third page rule-*

contain these page rules.

can you please tell are they correct, and any wrong thing i applied

thank you

I meant that you should bring the first rule to the bottom, like this:

The settings you have inside the rule will all be applied as long as the URL matches.
Also, keep in mind that* won’t match*
You can find more info in:

okay, so what about the inside of the page rules are they correct?
and should i add www? in starting or https?

that’s not helpful nothing is specified there clearly .
if you could help me more.
Thank you

If you use www or if you want those settings to apply to any subdomain you might have, then you can add a * in front of the domain (ex: **) if not, then leave them as they are.

okay thanks a lot for being with me.
have you looked at the insides of my page rules
are they correct?
i shared the images above please have a look
and help me with if anything wrong in them.

Honestly I don’t have much experience with Wordpress, only two things I would point out are:

  1. If you have “Always use HTTPS” set in SSL/TLS you don’t need the “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” in your rules.
  2. You are caching your homepage and every other page, except for wp-admin or whatever has preview=true in the URL. If you have some dynamic or user-restrict content it might not work well. Now, if you website is static and you are aware that you will need to purge the cache (or wait) after an update, I don’t see a problem.

You can also take a look around the forum, there are lots of posts about page rules and Wordpress that you might find interesting.

okay thanks a lot for the help

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