Setting up on Chromebook?

Could someone provide some guidance on how to setup on a Chromebook?

Setting up isn’t an option on the Cable modem as the DNS settings aren’t configurable (thanks to ISP). Also, Google OnHub wifi router does not appear to support either.

Hi there,

I don’t have a Chromebook, so I can’t verify the exact steps, but does this work?

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Thank you. I made the changes yet when I look up my IP address, it hasn’t changed.

I’m a novice with this, but wouldn’t the IP address come from Cloudfare?

Changing to Cloudflare’s DNS servers will change the servers used for resolving other sites on the internet, but it won’t change the IP address you’re using to browse the internet. To do that you’d need to use an anonymizer like ToR or a VPN service.

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I wanted to connect to a faster DNS server than the one provided by my ISP or by Google and read an article about Here is how I set up Cloudfare’s DNS on my Chromebook, going by info on another thread in this community. I have no idea if this was correct and would be most grateful for any feedback from someone who knows more about it …

1-Cleared DNS cache. Entered this address in browser:


Clicked “Clear host cache” button

2-Chromebook Settings–WiFi–my WiFi connection–expand and scroll down to Network–and check Custom name servers. Then:
In blank fields entered in top slot and in second, in third and in fourth, clicking tab to move between slots and clicking outside the WiFi field to save.

Tried switching off “configure IP address automatically” and didn’t seem as fast so turned that back on. Not sure if turning off this toggle would result in a static IP address or not.

Again, I have no idea if I went about this correctly, or how to verify if I’m now using Cloudfare’s DNS, although the above setting is sticking.

(I have no Cloudfare app on my device and don’t know if any such Chromebook app is available).

Thank you for any guidance.

Go to — the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver

This will give you status, diagnostic data etc. It also gives you a link you can post here if you need help.

Great, verification worked. Thank you!
(In the meantime I’m leaving the toggle on that says “configure IP address automatically”. No idea what change it would make if turned off, and things are working as is).
Thanks again.

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That I expect is the actual IP of your Chromebook in the local network. That is best left to automatic as you have it.


Much appreciated!