Setting up new server for eventual use with Cloudflare

We are moving our site to a new dedicated server which I have just now started to set up. It’s running WHM/cpanel on CentOS. It is of great importance to us that this new server remain hidden behind CF so that no one knows that the IP address and out main domain name are not connected.

I have the one account set up in WHM and the files loaded into it and am able to see those files if I go to the IP address of the server. I know how to do all of that, but what I don’t know is how to make sure that switching over from the old server will go smoothly. What steps do I need to take from here forward in order to eventually switch the Cloudflare DNS to point at the new server? Is there anything I need to install on the new server? Is it just as easy as changing the server IP in the Cloudflare control panel?

if you send any email from your new server then your server ip could still be revealed to public.
i assume most WHM/cPanel servers sends email from MTA like exim,postfix that is installed by cPanel itself.

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