Setting up new domain

I’m just wondering what the correct procedure is for setting up a brand new domain. After purchasing a domain do I need to point the DNS to my host and wait for it to propagate before adding the domain to Cloudflare?

I’ve done this a ton of times, so I immediately point DNS to Cloudflare.

The cautious approach is to get your site up and running in its default configuration at the host. Once it has SSL configured and the site is functional, then go through the process to add it to Cloudflare.

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So,do you then have to configure the DNS settings within Cloudflare?

When you add the domain to Cloudflare, it will copy most, if not all, of your DNS records from the host.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. After purchasing a domain do I need to point it to my host’s DNS first? I don’t see how it would would work otherwise.

Correct, start with your host’s name servers.

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