Setting up new CName- what is target

Just created a new CName with my registrar but since we are using Cloudflare I need to add this here too. I can add the name but I am not sure what the info required is for “target”. Is that that our own “normal” website domain or should this be the place that hosts the catalogue/blog?

This is not necessary at all. If your domain is using Cloudflare’s nameserver, Cloudflare is the “authoritative DNS provider” for your domain, and any DNS host records you have at your registrar will be ignored.

This should be the same as what you used when you created the CNAME record at your registrar – the destination hostname (domain or subdomain).

That depends on what you’re trying to accomplish by creating the CNAME, which you didn’t tell us anything about. But as you (supposedly) created the CNAME elsewhere, you’re simply replicating here what you created previously.

George, thank you for your assistance. As you can tell, I don’t know much and mainly followed the advice of the thirdparty. We are trying to add a flipping book/ catalogue to our website and while the actual catalogue is hosted by the company providing the service of converting a pdf file into a virtual catalogue, the links etc are with our company name. I have now added the intended destination as target as per instructions from them, so just need to wait for propagation I guess to see if it works.