Setting up new accout with HTTPS


I have a GoDaddy account and had an SSL certificate. I added cloudflare as a CDN, changed DNS at godadday and now when I go to my web page, it has the https in red with a line through it and I cannot access my website. I have searched for hours on help with this and changed all kinds of setting in Cloudflare. Where should I go?


A clairvoyant might be a good idea :wink:


Tried it already. Now I get the 429 too many requests…


It was working perfectly before with out the SSL and then I added that to my GoDaddy site and things are not working since then.


Help us to be able to help you.

Would you mind telling us the domain?


What did he say?


The clairvoyant should have told you that. :grin:

  1. Did your GoDaddy site have SSL on it before you added Cloudflare?
  2. What’s your SSL setting here? (If you say “Flexible”, you’re going to hear a collective groan, as it’s not very secure)
  3. @markmeyer just beat me to asking what your domain is.


They used to be so much better in the good old days :frowning:

#9 is the domain.

I had the site on Cloudflare the past couple of days and was working fine.

I added the SSL at GoDaddy today. Added the account to Cloudflare again. SSL certificate is active, but I was getting the red line through the HTTPS and could not get to the account. I have done nothing, and now I get the 429 redirects


Redirection loop.

Let me guess, Flexible mode, Wordpress, no SSL certificate, but SSL required server-side


My godaddy account did not have ssl the first time I put it on cloudflare, and everything worked great. superfast!

I added the SSL today and things did not work, so I removed my site from Cloudflare and added it again now that it has the SSL on GoDaddy.


SSL is on full and the toggle for always use HTTPS is on


And now its working suddenly.


Did you make any change to either configuration in the past ten minutes?


Since you have an SSL cert at GoDaddy, go ahead and try SSL Full (Strict). That will make sure the host cert is valid.


No, not since I posted.


I have changed it to strict.


Should the always use HTTPS be set to on?


Full strict is the better choice but shouldnt make a difference in this particular case.

There was a redirection loop and now it suddenly works. If you say you didnt make any changes it could only have been a genie :wink: Impossible to say at this point, but it works now, right?


Yes, it works now. I have another site I want to move over as a second account from godaddy as well, so I was trying to figure out what might have gone wrong before I move it.