Setting up new A and MX records

Since cancelling my GSuite account with Google, I’m unable to access the email address I used with them. I’ve set up new A and MX records in accordance with instructions provided by my service provider, but it’s not working. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Urgently!

Can you share the domain? How are you accessing your email?

The most common issue here is where the email records used for email protocols are set :orange: Proxied, instead of :grey: DNS Only.

Thanks Michael. The domain is I’ve now turned off Proxied. But in the TXT file, there is a Content box which requires something. At the moment it says “google-site-verification=zom0P08PamqJMdLLkobPh4e_1UWU1rhe9MIPl8w_o1k” I have no idea what to replace it with. Any ideas?

Oh and I’m not accessing my email, which is the problem! All I get are Non Delivery messages from Google.

That value is simply used by Google to verify that you have control of the domain via DNS. If you are no longer using any Google services in connection with your domain, can simply delete that TXT record. If you have other Google services that require domain verification, you will want to consult the relevant documentation and settings for the respective Google service to see what, if anything, is needed.

Your MX record is invalid.       3600    IN      MX      10 mail.beinginvoice.comcom.

Change the .comcom at the end to .com and you should see improvement.

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