Setting up nameservers with Cloudflare Registrar

Hello, I have transferred my domain name to Cloudflare using Cloudflare Registrar.

I would like to use this domain as a custom domain on my Netlify site. When I connect the custom domain on Netlify, it has given me 4 nameservers to use.

How do I go about setting these 4 nameservers on Cloudflare?

I went to the DNS settings on Cloudflare, and the section where it says “Custom Nameservers” (I’m not sure if this is what I’m looking for), it says I need to upgrade to Business.

Can anyone please offer some advice? Thank you in advance.

You cannot use a service other than Cloudflare for your DNS setup if you’re using CF registrar. You either need a cname setup from your hosting provider (in this case netlify), or to move to a different registrar that allows setting the nameservers to something else.

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