Setting up my new add-on domain settings from BlueHost into Cloudflare

I just registered a new domain from Bluehost earlier today. I added it on as a new domain (I want it to be its own website). Now I am trying to configure the correct settings in Cloudflare and I am stuck. When I click on add a new site it reads (in red) make sure you are using a “root domain” and it’s in red ink. I am stuck and cannot get past this point. I would really appreciate a step-by-step guide on how to resolve this issue


Screenshots are always appreciated to give more context to what exactly you are trying to do, or telling us the exact site you are trying to add.

Make sure you are trying to add the “root domain”. For example, if your website is “”, don’t try to add it as “”, add it as “”.

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Thanks - It worked!!


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