Setting up my Mail account using Thunderbird


I want to use my created email on my Cpanel. I used the settings for incoming/outgoing servers mailed to me (tried SSL and Non-SSL). But the Thunderbird failed to find the settings for my email account. I contacted Godaddy support and they told me to add A record for to my DNS setting which is already existed a long time before.

Using they recognize that the IP address is different from my Server’s IP address. And they told me to ask Cloudflare if they can change it. What am I suppose to do? Do I need to request to change the IP address?

Additional: I have also a MX record in my DNS setting but it has an exclamation mark (color orange) and says that ‘this record is exposing your origin server’s IP address, potentially exposing it to denial of service’.

Any help?



Since you use a managed main provider you shouldn’t worry about the “exposed to DDOS” alert. They usually have their own DDOS mitigation system in place.

As for thunderbird, make sure your mail subdomain is grey clouded :grey: in the Cloudflare dashboard. If it’s an orange cloud :orange:, then some mail clients might have issues.



Hi! So do I need to change it to DNS only? It is orange cloud.



Yes, it needs to be DNS only, but only on your mail subdomain.

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Thank you! It is working now!

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