Setting up my hosting account. Help with MX / Mail please

Hi All,

I hope you can help and forgive my ignorance but I keep searching and find conflicting advice.

I have a VPS with A2 hosting. I have one domain hosted with them and approx ten external domains.

All of my external domain nameservers are set to Cloudflare. Cloudflare is set up via the A2 cpanel and working well.

Email only works on the domain that is with A2.

A2 tell me to change the nameservers to point to theirs and then configure from within cpanel.

I’ll do that if it is the best thing to do but I really want to avoid site downtime right now.

1 - Should I just change my nameservers to A2?
2 - What are some good ideas to avoid downtime if I have to do that (domains are with ionos/1and1 and one with enom)

Hope you can help to point me in the right direction I really want my emails working smoothly.

Thanks in advance!

Have you looked at

Also you should not experience downtime when switching nameservers as long as your records are set up the same

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Thanks very much for responding so quickly. I saw the tutorial but haven’t read it in depth yet (I will from your recommendation).

However, should I change the nameservers to the A2 ones do you think? Ok I understand that A2 are in the hosting business and generally they give great advice but I’ve blindly followed advice of hosting companies in the past and done the wrong thing. I thought that one of the main ideas with Cloudflare was to use their nameservers and go from there.

I’ve used Cloudflare for many years but always via a hosting provider’s control panel that has automated the setup. That’s how I do it with A2 as well. So even though I’ve used it a long time I am only now reading up on it in more depth.


The only issue is if you change your nameservers to A2 then you will be unable to use any of the features of Cloudflare.
If you want to further troubleshoot it with Cloudflare then what is the domain and what do your MXs records look like?

Thanks Jake1st,

I have just left the defaults in A2 for MX and so on at the moment, which is why they don’t work. It may sound odd but email on these domains hasn’t mattered much up to now. I’m fine to post the domain info and MX but I think it won’t help at the moment. A2 cpanel includes Cloudflare via cpanel and the domains are set up using that. One example is the nameservers are Cloudflare, it is set up via A2’s cpanel. I’m migrating these sites and I have various dev sites set up ready to point the domains at them.

Regarding email, I could go into Cloudflare’s control panel and set up MX, or, I could change the nameservers to A2 and continue completely managing them via the Cloudflare interface within cpanel. As I have about ten domains to set up I’m trying to plan the best route from the start. I understand that I would need to use A2 nameservers if I want to use Railgun later, so that might be the deciding factor.

One of my main concerns is that every time I have changed nameservers in ionos/1and1 in the past it has taken 48 hours to propagate so I’m trying to make a plan for faster propagation if I do need to change them. I’ve started reading up about secondary DNS but again there are so many hundreds of pages online giving different advice it is difficult to know where best to concentrate my efforts (in trying to learn). Basically, I run music sites as a hobby, I’m ready and willing to learn but it is on top of my day job and I seem to end up reading for hours or days before finding out I’m going down the wrong route.

Thanks, your help is much appreciated.

For the email, (from what I can tell) you need to run the plugin in the Full DNS setup and not CNAME setup.

Secondary DNS is if you were running your own nameservers. To speed up DNS propagation, it is recommended that you turn the TTL (Time to live) down so that the records are refreshed quicker, but you are unable to control the TTL of the NS server records and I don’t know off the top of my head what Cloudflare uses for it.

Thank you, that helps me!

I’m just popping in to thank you for the help. What I did was (one step each day):

Added mx records into Cloudflare, to resolve my email problem temporarily. At the time I had full Cloudflare provisioning via the A2 cpanel.

I then changed my nameservers from Cloudflare to A2. Propagation was almost instant.

I then deleted full Cloudflare provisioning from the A2 cpanel.

So now everything was pointing to A2.

I then added Cloudflare in the A2 cpanel using Cname provisioning.

Everything including email worked at all times. I can now provision Railgun too.

Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

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