Setting up my DNS and CNAME

So, honestly, I have no idea what I am doing. When I was with GoDaddy, they made all the changes for me so I never really had to bother with this. So I brpught my domain ociodelsol from GoDaddy to ClaoudFlare to jjoin a photography website builder Visual Society. GoDaddy made the changes so I can transfer to Cloudflare. I got an e-mail that my accounty and domain were ready but it still wants to access Shopify which I never activated. According to the e-mail, which is not quite 24hours old yet, does it take 24 hours to change over or is something not right. I followed directions from Visual Society on how to set up the CNAME and DNS but I get an error message saying it’s already exists…I am so totally confussed. Can anyone help me. Also, why is is so difficult to contact a real person to talk to?

Hi @ociodelsol,

Are you trying to connect your website with Shopify now?

If you post the instructions for the record you have been asked to add, and a screenshot of your current DNS records in Cloudflare then we can help you figure this out.

I’m pretty sure I am a real person! This is the community forum, Cloudflare does offer ticketed support but it’s generally quicker to get it resolved here, and go to support if we can’t help.

Hi. Sorry, what I meant was like on the phone. My apologies.
Actually, I had to delete some old stuff and reading the directions step by step helps instead of rushing through it. So, I got it to work…YEAH ME!!!

Thank you for responding.

No problem, Cloudflare only offers phone support to their Enterprise customers.

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

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