Setting up my customers' zones

Hello! I’m trying to understand something about managing my customers’ DNS settings to run them in my app on Cloudflare Workers.

I’ve been looking through the terms of service, but I couldn’t find a clear answer: Is it allowed to create zones for my customers in my account using the Cloudflare API and then ask them to update their registrars to the nameservers that I obtained from the API? I’m curious to know if this falls within Cloudflare’s guidelines.

There’s no problem with that.

Have a look at…

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Hey, thanks for that. I had already looked into CF for SaaS, but the issue of CNAME Flattening haunts me. There are few DNS services that allow this.

I think it’s a terrible idea to put customers domains in your account. Their domains should be in their account. They can then manage permissions to allow you access if needed, and if you part company in the future it is much simpler to revoke access rather than having to change everything.

In this case, it sounds like you can just use a custom hostname and let the customer keep their existing nameservers and DNS provider.


Hi @glaubertf,

As @michael and @sjr, please use the Cloudflare for SaaS solution.
It is a long process to regain the domain back on the correct account with verification.

This gets really messy if by chance the domain is a Cloudflare Registrar domain.

Thank you.


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