Setting Up My Cloudflare DNS from Godaddy

Hey everyone, so I want to set up our DNS records from Godaddy, however when I exported and imported in the DNS records, one went missing. On top of that, I need to know if our A records should be changed. Should the IP the A record is pointing to be godaddy or Cloudflare IP? Also should my A record be named * ?

The A record in your Cloudflare dashboard should be pointing to your host’s IP address. You can add a wildcard (*) record but it won’t be proxied. You should add an A record for ‘@’ (your root domain). You will also need a CNAME or A record for www

Should the Value for both the ‘@’ A Record and the ‘www’ CNAME be my hosts IP address?

The @ record should be your host’s IP address.

Depending on the setup, you will probably need either:
A CNAME record for pointing to
An A record for pointing to your host’s IP address

My NS is currently pointing towards go daddy name servers in my DNS records, should I change it manually to Cloudflare’s NS or will that change be made in the DNS records when I switch them on go daddy?

You will need to manually change the authoritative nameservers for your domain to point to the Cloudflare ones.

Should I remove the NS records from my DNS or just point them towards the Cloudflare name servers?

Cloudflare needs you to change the authoritative nameservers with your domain registrar, not NS records in the DNS panel. You should remove those and set the nameservers with your registrar.

perfect thank you so much!

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