Setting up Marketing Cloud on CloudFlare

Hello CloudFlare Support,

We have a custom subdomain under SalesForce Marketing Cloud with the structure ‘’. We would like to add the subdomain to our CloudFlare domain but using Marketing Cloud’s documentation, we are unable to find a way to point the subdomain to our CloudFlare domain under the ‘DNS’ app.

We currently have a type A ‘email’ subdomain already on our DNS as well as a type CNAME ‘mail’ subdomain. Will we need to remove the type A ‘email’ subdomain in order to clear up the subdomain name for our new subdomain?

Otherwise, is there a way to add a subdomain using this documentation(https://) below from Marketing Cloud?

news                         IN NS     
news                         IN NS     
news                         IN NS     
news                         IN NS     

“email” isn’t typically a hostname users would already have for their domain. Only you know your hostname requirements, but you’re correct you’ll need to remove that “A” record for ‘email’ in order to add that ‘email’ CNAME.

Hi sdayman,

We have tried deleting our old Type A subdomain and replacing it with a Type CNAME subdomain of the same name however our subdomain still does not seem to be delegated. If a step-by-step walkthrough of how to setup the Marketing Cloud subdomain on CloudFlare occurs, we would greatly appreciate it. The documentation offered by Marketing Cloud is found here .

You can certainly add NS records just like in their guide.

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