Setting up mailgun with CloudFlare



I’m trying to set up Mailgun with Clickfunnels and it requires from me to set up some DNS records.

As usual, I follow the instructions provided. Everything seems to check up but the:

Optional DNS Records

The CNAME record is necessary for tracking opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.
Type Hostname Enter This Value Current Value

I’ve set this at DNS records of Cloudflare and that is the only thing that does not check up.

Mailgun has a confirmation system for the records and this CNAME doesn’t come up as green.

It’s very essential. Please help.


Turn off orange cloud on that record.


@komarEX Splendid! Thank you so much!!!


Hi, I ahve the same issue, but mine has been DNS only for several days (gray cloud). I checked with Mailgun support and they confirm the DNS record for cname does not point to Cloudflare. Any ideas?


What’s the domain? And the CNAME you set up?



I have it set to DNS only



It’s not showing up in DNS. You should have a DNS entry here that looks like the following:


Got it. they do not specify
Thanks, I will try that and see if it works.


I just went by what you had for a CNAME in your post. Use whatever subdomain they specified.