Setting up mailgun in cloudflare

Hey I’m trying to set up my mailgun dns on Cloudflare, but when I put the information from mailgun into Cloudflare it doesn’t seem to work. Please help!!!

spf record does not seem to be same as entered. From the second image, as I see, the records do not appear in the first as exactly.

Thanks for the reply, Can you be more specific, what exactly is different? I just copied and pasted the information

It looks fine to me. Your CNAME for email.replies seems to have vanished. Bear in mind that if Mailgun queried your records before they existed, it is possible for their DNS to have cached the non-existence of those records. If that is the case, it should age out in around an hour form the time it was cached.

I encourage you to use a 2048 bit DKIM key rather than the weaker 1024 bit key you have in your screenshot.

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Hi thanks for your reply, but can you say this in simpler terms, I’m not very savy in this area. Thank you

I am not sure how to make it any simpler than I already did, but I’ll try.

  1. I get the responses that Mailgun is looking for. Do nothing other than wait patiently and try checking again from your Mailgun dashboard later.

  2. Check your Cloudflare dashboard to see if you deleted the email.replies CNAME. It is visible in your Cloudflare screenshot, but I am not getting any response when I check that name. This leads me to believe that perhaps you deleted it. If you recreate it, make it just like it is in your screenshot: :grey: DNS Only.

  3. I can hazard some guesses as to why Mailgun defaults to smaller 1024 bit DKIM keys, but none of them are valid reasons for anyone using Cloudflare DNS to accept that key. You should delete your DKIM key in your Mailgun dashboard and make the new one use the larger 2048 bit size. You will probably have to delete your domain from Mailgun and add it again. They are working on the ability to change DKIM keys without doing that, but it will be at least next month before it is ready.

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