Setting Up Load Balancer On Shared Hosting

This is what I have in mind:

Shared Hosting server 1 is down, the traffic goes to Shared Hosting server 2.

But the problem now is that for one of the servers the Health status shows as Unknown, I tried status code 200 as well but there’s a mismatch owing to server returning 404.

So I tried 404, then tried TCP as well but it shows Unknown for both these settings.

Any ideas?

But why would it return 404 on a valid path?

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Thanks for the reply, appreciate it :slight_smile:
Beats me to be honest, I contacted them to see if they can make some changes to their end so that the server returns 200 OK, but they don’t seem to be keen on messing with the configuration files for one user.
I tried TCP port 80 as well and earlier when I was getting Critical status with code mismatch error using the status 200, now am seeing a greyed out status showing “Unknown”. The same with 4xx as status using HTTP GET.
So, not sure if there is anything else I can try here.

Issue resolved!

For anyone else facing the same issue (if your shared hosting provider doesn’t send a 200 OK status using HTTP/HTTPS), delete the pool you created and create a new pool and attach health check using TCP instead of HTTP/HTTPS and select the port number as 80 (or any other open port should do), and save everything and the issue should be resolved. In my case, I didn’t delete the pool before switching to TCP based health check and that somehow seemed to have led to the status showing as “Unknown”. But now everything is fine and both the shared hosting providers show the status as Healthy.