Setting up Load Balancer as Failover - HELP




Trying to setup Load Balancing to work as Fail-over.
We have 2 ISP: one - primary, another - secondary.
When I create LB with 2 Pool, where Pool 1 - primary IP, Pool 2 - Secondary IP and try to ping DNS name, the secondary IP address responds, even the Primary is available.

Could you please help with that?

Load Balancing (Setup & Usage)

I’d recommend testing this with:

  1. host name that doesn’t match the existing DNS names you have in use.
  2. using nslookup to validate (ideally against the nameservers for your zone directly) the results being returned rather than ping.

Ping will generally return the result cached with the client.

Looking at your current LB instances which aren’t active the health checks are failed on a couple, so it may be available but our health check doesn’t believe it is. So it may be worth verifying the health check is appropriate for the resource type.


I’m using basic Health Check almost without modification.
Can you check that Health Check is set correctly then?


Made couple of correction to Health Check.
Changed from http to https
Our server not responding to http://IP request.