Setting up https my site has disappeared

Hi, I’ve been setting up my new site and I went make it https changed the name server and my site is now my site can not be found. I can not find any more instructions on how to resolve this other than the setup ones.

I’m hosting through heart internet

Has anyone got any suggestions?

What’s the domain?

Hi Sdayman, thank you for getting back to me,
the domain is, but I have managed to reset name server now and regained control. is there a proper step by step guide that you know of as all I could find on here was very lengthy explanations as to what things are but not how to implement them.

Your site needs to be fully functional (including HTTPS) before you add it to Cloudlare. Then Cloudflare will scan your DNS records, but you need to double-check that they match all your host’s DNS records before you change name servers.

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