Setting up Heroku with Cloudflare, What is causing this issue?

Can anyone help me with connecting my heroku app with Cloudflare? I have setup the dns as instructed on the page, but it seems that the www is not functional.

Cloudflare says it is doing cname flattening, but when I go on the, it shows the following(Shown by Heroku):

There’s nothing here, yet.

I’ve gone through every step in this tutorial:

Your help is appreciated

In my case I have Cloudflare pointing to my Heroku DNS Target and it’s only 1 CNAME Record name with WWW

If your domain is with a 3rd party company such as GoDaddy…etc, you’ll need to pull in those records as well, which I think Cloudflare does automatically when you add a site.

if people type, they wont reach it tho. Wont they?

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