Setting up gsuite email/ alias

I just registered a new domain with Cloudfare.

I have pointed the MX records to Gsuite.

I have added the domain to my Gsuite domains.

I have added the alias email I want to use under the Gsuite user account.

Emails to the new alias are bouncing back. Any advice?

If you read the NDRs, they should give a reason that the message was rejected. That’s the best place to start.

If your MX records are already configured for Google Workspace, thrre should not be anything related to Cloudflare involved.

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Thanks. They are saying email does not exist. This is whether I set to the Cloudfare routers or, as before, Gsuite.

Definitely don’t use Cloudflare Email Routing if you have Google Workspace. You will need to work Google Workspace support to determine why their servers don’t recognize the email address.

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