Setting up Google Search Console

I am trying to set up Google Search Console, but when instructed to " Copy the TXT record below into the DNS configuration for" and I do, I get this message that it already exists:

If I assume that I had it there for a while, it still fails the verification on Google.
What am I missing?

The “Name” field is blank. Make sure you actually put a @ in there.

Adding to what @sdayman said, the “[name] has a record…” is simply a more friendly description of the DNS record, which updates as you are configuring it.

Oh ok. Now, silly question: what do I put in there? I am not sure what name that is.

I was hoping you’d take me literally:

It seemed so simple that I was not taking you literally!
Now that I did, it still shows me the message that it already exists. Can I have it twice? Will it let me?

Are you saying you already have a TXT record for google-site-verification? There should just be the one.

Thanks. It works now!

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