Setting up form verification with Managed Challenge

I read that you could use a CLoudflare function, called “Managed Challenge” to protect an HTML form instead of the traditional CAPTCHAs (from Google, for example).

However I can’t find anything in the documentation to implement this in my forums.

Can you help him please?


I’ve linked the documentation below.

Turnstile is another option. It’s far easier to use and may be implemented in your forum software already.

This means that to secure an HTML form, I can use both?

Indeed I am already a “Pro” Cloudflare customer and I want to use the most suitable

Or only the “Turnstile” solution is suitable for protecting a form?
What bothers me is that “Turnstile” is in beta solution: I’m looking for a lasting solution

Hi @milirose

You can create a custom firewall rule where you give a managed challenge on the specific host/url/path.

Go to WAF > Custom Firewall rule > Create rule > Field (host/url/path) equals YOUR_FORM

action = managed challenge

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