Setting up emails in third party apps or Gmail that ask for incoming and outgoing servers

what would be incoming server and outgoing server for my mail for [email protected] after i have swithced my Name servers to Cloudflare. My webmail is still working. but I need to add my configure my email "[email protected]…com mobiles apps such as outlook app or gmail etc. these ask for incoming and outgoin server details including ports… imap pop etc. please help

can you please elaborate

You need to check with your mail hosting provider, these details don’t change when changing DNS provider so they should be identical to before the switch.

It is not working when I am using ( “my domain” is just to use as an example here) to set up my email account in apps such as outlook mobile app.

However when I tried to configure my webmail in gmail, gmail automatically detected the outgoing server to be somthing like “” and also auto detected port as 587

problem is i am unable to figure out incoming server and port settings. where in Cloudflare settings do I find this info about dc-74a063ab

It’s probably not shown since you are proxying :orange: the record for You either accept that record (created automatically by Cloudflare to solve the issue that they do not proxy mail traffic) that should work or set your record to :grey:. In this second case the settings your provider gives you are what applies.

Dear Matteo,

Please look at the snippet of screen shot from my Cloudflare dns settings.

Still is not working for my incoming server for gmail or other apps

Yeah, set the A record for mail to :grey:, just click on the :orange: cloud.

Thanks Matteo for your support.

However the issue already got resolved on it’s own without setting the A record for mail to :grey:, from orange :orange: cloud… Now I am able to configure my webmail in mobile apps just like before switching my name servers to Cloudflare.

Probal=bly Cloudflare tweaked something from its end.

Happy with Cloudflare Services

Doubt Cloudflare did something, but if it’s solved we are good!

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