Setting up emails for my DNS

Hi, I’m have issues setting up email accounts with a DNS I have just purchased. I have received an email from Cloudflare saying that my domain is successfully registered. I have also received an email from iCloud saying that my domain is ready to use and I can create custom email addresses, this link takes me to a site to authorise DNS records from iCloud, but when I click authorise I get an error message, Something Went Wrong, Your domain transfer could not be completed because of a server error.

The only other option is to try to set up by choosing the Existing email addresses button, I then add the emails I want [email protected] for my Apple ID and [email protected] for my wife’s family sharing, who’s Apple ID is [email protected]. This tells me that emails have been sent, which require verification, but we clearly won’t receive them as those emails don’t exist yet.

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