Setting up email with Google workspace

I am stuck in setting up my email in Google workspace. The setup wants me to past the verification code as a name server. However, My domain is registered with a different company but is using cloudflare name servers.

The third party says they can help since I am not using the default name servers. However, I am not seeing anywhere to past the verification code within cloudflare since my domain is not registered with cloudflare.

Can anyone help me verify my Google workspace?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

What is your domain name?
Can you share a link to the guide you are following?
What step in the guide are you having trouble with?

Kindly, take a look at the below links:

Thank you for your support with getting things set up. The cloudflare guide did not help as my domain is registered with LCN but is using cloudflare nameservers. I have tried creating an account and logging into cloudlfare but they do not have my domain listed and I can’t find how to change name servers. The tech support from LCN told me I need to change the nameservers with cloudflare since it is using external name servers. So, I am feeling kind of lost. I have tried adding the verification code with LCN, where my domain is registered, and that is not working. I have attached an image of the tech support response. So, it seems like I need to make the changes with cloudflare but I can find a way to do that. Can you help me understand how to make these changes?

Thank you for your support!

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