Setting up email with google workspace and cloudflare name servers

I am trying to get my email setup with google work space and am running into problems. The domain is hosted at LCN. However my domain is using cloudflare name servers. Google workspace wants me to past the verification code in a txt, or Cname, which is proving to be rather challenging.

Problems I am encountering

  1. I tried pasting the verification code with LCN, the domain registry, and it did not work. their tech support said it will not work since I am using external name servers.
  2. I log into cloudflare and cannot find the external name servers. My account comes up blank because I somehow started using their name servers before I even had an account.
    3)I am at a loss of how to or where to add the verification code.
  3. from what I can tell the google help pages direct me as if my domain was registered with cloudflare.

Can someone help me get my work email set up through google workspace when I am using nameservers, through cloudflare, that are not associated with the domain registrar? Where can I paste the verification code?

What is your domain name?

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Not much can be done until you have access to the Cloudflare account that has your DNS. If you are unable to gain access with the account recovery options, you will need to move the domain into your new Cloudflare account.

The only way you’ll be able to regain access is by having access to the email address of the account.

These links may help, but they only work when logged out

If you know the email:
If you know the email and have 2FA issues:
If you don’t know the email:

Thank you for your response. I am using Kajabi, which provided the cloudflare name servers for me to use. I don’t think I can restore an account as I did not have one when I used their name servers. I just want to make sure I understand the solution. I just need to transfer my domain to cloudflare then this should fix the issue as the domain will be associated with an account, correct?

Thank you for your support!

Oh, well that’s easy enough. You can enter the custom records provided by Google Workspace directly into your Kajabi account.

Thank you very much🙏
I will try this!

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