Setting up Domain with 2 Sub-domains?


How do we need to setup? I have-, and

Do I set up for these 3 separately or just for one

Also, do I pay for 1 (20$) or for 3 ($60)?

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If you are talking about the Pro-Plan you do just pay per Zone.
The Zone includes ALL subdomains. So you just pay once for each rootdomain.

You would just pay $20/month. And you can create as many subdomains as you want without having to pay more.

If you want to have all Pro features on another domain ( then you would have to pay again $20/month

You just add the rootdomain ( to CloudFlare and then add all the needed subdomains in the DNS section like this (for example):

TYPE Name Target Mode
A :orange:
AAAA 1234:5678:1234:5678:1234:5678:1234:5678 :orange:
CNAME www @* :orange:
CNAME news @* :orange:
CNAME reviews @* :orange:

(*@ is a shortcut for the rootdomain, you can really type this in like ‘@’)


Thank you very much M4rt1n, we were able to successfully set up Cloudflare.

Are there any specific settings I need to take a look at?

You are very welcome!

Well thats a very unspecified question. If you ask more directly I am sure people here in the community are able to help you.

But for this then please open a new thread as the origin problem from this thread seems to be solved.

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