Setting up Domain Property in Googleq

Not sure what are the fields are. I’m trying to Verify domain ownership via DNS record. When I click add record that I got from Google console, I get 3 fields.
IPv4 address.

Not sure what to put in each field.

There’s some data missing. If it’s an IPv4 address, the Type would be an “A” record. Name would be a hostname in your domain. I can’t even begin to guess the IP address or the hostname they want you to use.

Host name in your domain? The company that’s hosting site? example: @dreamhost? I don’t know anything about any of this, trying to figure it out.

Cloudflare DNS will do whatever you tell it to. If you’re unsure what your DNS record should look like, you’ll need to get help from the entity asking you to make that record.

LOL, It’s google. Help doesn’t exist.

I figured it out, thanks!
Type - txt
Name - @
IPV4 - blank

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