Setting up DNSSEC with as Registrar

I have used Register dot com to register my domain since the 90s. Lately I’ve found their DNS services to be horrible. So I tried switching my DNS hosting to Cloudflare. It’s setup and working, but I need to enable DNSSEC for Exchange Online to work properly.

I clicked the button to enable DNSSEC and it gives me the information to create a DS record with my registrar. The help has instructions for many registrars, but not Register dot com. Does anyone know how to do this with Register dot com? The only thing I can find in the Register dot com portal is how to change the nameservers (which I have already changed to the Cloudflare servers).

I still have two years left on my domain registration, so I was planning on changing registrars when I need to renew my domain. Otherwise I’d just transfer my domain to a new registrar with better services.

You can transfer a domain before it’s time to renew. The next registrar will keep your existing renewal date, plus one year upon transfer.

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For DNSSEC - it appears does support it in some fashion:

That links to an article:

The document is very light on detail - but my guess is you can only do this if are your DNS provider and your Registrar, based on the fact that it seems to be an on/off switch.

You’d need to contact them directly to be sure and as @sdayman mentioned another option would be to move to a registrar that does support DNSSEC. In Cloudflare’s case, you can transfer the domain into Cloudflare Registrar and we’ll do it all for you:

Just note that before starting the transfer to us, you’ll need to disable DNSSEC in our dashboard (and at your current registrar - which is not relevant here for you given the topic!). Then you can enable it with one click once the registrar transfer has completed to us.

I started the process to transfer my domain to Cloudflare. The Register dot com portal says if approved, I’ll receive the auth code in 3 days. Is that right, can they really take that long to send me the auth code?

I’m not a customer or employee so I’m not sure - but if that’s what they are telling you, I’d set your expectation at 3 days and be delighted if it is faster :slight_smile: .

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