Setting up DNSSEC with CF DNS

I use cloudflare for my DNS. When trying to add the DS record CF says I need to add it at my registrar but I don’t use their DNS or nameservers. The domain points to CF.

At my registrar I also have the notification: as long as your NS server don’t points to us your DNS will not work, which is normal.

How can I set up dnssec when using CF’s DNS?

You need to do this.

Even if the nameservers are set to Cloudflare, you must add the DS records at the registrar to sign that those are the nameservers for the domain.

If your registrar does not have an option to do this, move your domain to one that does.

Who is your domain registered with?

I’m using a Belgian registrar because CF doesn’t register .be domains

What is the domain name?

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