Setting up DNSSEC--nameserver issue

This appears to be a simple process, but I ran into a glitch I’m sure there must be a solution for. However, I can’t figure out what it is.

I clicked the button to set up DNSSEC and got the information to create the appropriate entries with my registrar (GoDaddy). However, when I log in to GoDaddy and access the DNS for my domain, I get the following message: " We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us. Manage your DNS here by [changing your nameservers] to default nameservers."

As you know, to use Cloudflare, the name servers are supposed to be set to the Cloudflare nameserves. There is no reference to changing the nameservers back to the registrar’s in Cloudflare’s DNSSEC instructions, though. I also wonder if a temporary switch like that could make my website inaccessible.

Am I supposed to change the name servers, enter the DNSSEC data, and then change the nameservers back, or is there another way to complete the process successfully?

If I’m understanding correctly, you completed the Cloudflare setup process for your domain fully (except DNSEC), DNS resolution is working, then you wanted to enable DNSSEC, but couldn’t find the necessary information at GoDaddy? If that’s correct, no, you shouldn’t change the nameservers back. You’re quite possibly looking in the wrong place at GoDaddy, poke around in your list of registered domains and look at all the available options, I no longer have any domains at GoDaddy (fortunately) so I can’t tell you exactly where but it should be in there somewhere.

If it’s in a supported TLD, you might consider transferring your domain to Cloudflare Registrar… or anywhere other than GoDaddy, really

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, you understood me correctly. But sadly, I’m not looking in the wrong place. I’ve tried every spot that has anything to do with DNS or DNS management, and I either get nothing or the message I quoted above, to the effect that I can’t manage my DNS on GoDaddy unless I use GD nameservers.

I’m figuring that I’m probably not the only CF customer whose registrar is GoDaddy, in which case someone else may have figured out how to fix the issue. But the simplest solution might well be the one you suggested–to transfer the domain to CF. There’s no question that would resolve the issue.

After seeing how easy it was to do, i went ahead and moved the registration. It will take a while for it to become effective, but once the process is complete, the issue will be resolved.

I thought I had DNSSEC working with Cloudflare DNS when I still had a domain at GoDaddy but I may be misremembering, or they could have changed the system since, neither would surprise me.

Anyway I try to avoid them now if at all possible.

Looking into it further I found this:

sounds kinda scammy to have to pay for their “premium DNS” when you’re not even using their DNS servers but I’m not really surprised

Yes, I stumbled across that when I was looking around. So yes, I could have made the process work by paying them extra to do it. That’s a device to make being hosted by GoDaddy more appealing (in which case you’d be using their name servers and be able to do the process for free). However, it is possible that there is some new legal requirement that requires GD to take extra steps if you use someone else’s name servers.

Anyway, I’ll be free of DG soon. For some reason, I had to go through the domain transfer process twice. DG rejected it the first time for absolutely no obvious reason. But it went through on the second time, so in five days or so, the registration will be with Cloudflare.

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