Setting up DNS with Kajabi

I am having trouble setting up my DNS. Any suggestions? I am connecting to Kajabi. Thanks!

What have you tried so far?

I changed the CNAME and then the nameservers. In Kajabi this is the error I get: “It looks like your CNAME record has not been set to point to Kajabi yet.” Should I change back to go daddy and restart the process?

Also, I failed to include this at the top…

I do not see any CNAMEs that point to Kajabi in your picture.

As for the exposed IP addresses, I do not see anything in your picture that would trigger that.

Yes, that’s what I thought but when I try to add it again it says a CNAME with that record already exists. Should I change back to go daddy and retry? Thank you!

You’ll have to get rid of the record that already exists. Most likely, you’ll need to delete the “A” record for melaniekampman and the CNAME for ‘www’.

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Do I need to add another A record or leave none? I appreciate your help!

Oh my gosh, it worked. Thank you so much! Big hugs to you :smile:

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