Setting Up DNS Records for Server Side Google Tag Manager

I am trying to set up server side Google Tag Manager (GTM) but it required the addition of both A Records and a CNAME record which does not seem to be possible via Cloudflare.

Does this mean that I can not set up Server Side GTM via Cloudflare.

GTM Cloudflare

It’s possible, as you’re following appropriate DNS standards.

Those A and AAAA records don’t look to have enough data to create a record. It needs a hostname and an IP address.

Thanks for responding. I have a hostname and the IP address has been greyed out. When I enter the details into Cloudflare and attempt to add the CNAME, Cloudflare refuses to add the CNAME as an A Record exists.

I know some hosts can manually amend this setting and was wondering if the same is possible with Cloudflare.

You can’t have a CNAME with the same hostname as an “A” record. Nor should there be any reason to do so.

For reference, here’s the RFC for that:

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