Setting up DNS for Wordpress Site Using Cloudflare - Gyopo Oppa

I changed my nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers.
What should the A record or CNAME record look like to use Cloudflares cdn and firewall?
Is there a Cloudflare cdn url to use? Is there a Cloudflare IP address to use?

My A records were pointing to my hosts IP address given to me to use, but now I don’t know what to use from Cloudflare in order to use the cdn and firewall.

Step 1. Once the Crypto page says your SSL cert is active, change the :grey: to :orange: for hosts you wish to proxy through Cloudflare on the DNS tab so that you have both SSL and CDN.
Step 2. Done.

thanks for your reply. My question is:

Should I proxy my dedicated IP address given to me by the webhost “wpoven” company through Cloudflare?
Ex: to my dedicated IP Address from wpoven?

That is most likely correct. Best is to consult with your host on what the DNS settings should look like.

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