Setting up DNS for cloudflare server

Hi I’m wanting to set up DNS for a google cloud server so I can use it with google tag manager. To cut a long story short I have watched tutorials and spoken to google support and from what I’ve gathered I’ve had to create a subdomain.

I’ve been told different methods for creating the subdomain and getting it so it links to the google server.
The one google support advised me to do is as shown in the image cname sub I have attached.

The google support agent told me quite often there are issues with the propagation when it comes to to working with a google server using cloudflare.

So I want to know why that is the case, what can be done about it and if you can tell me why the CNAME record as shown in the screen shot hasn’t yet propagated

Here is a URL you can check:


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Hi @user6906,

You will need to toggle it from :orange: to :grey: so it resolves as a CNAME rather than as A records to Cloudflare proxy IPs.


Thank you this worked instantly, I don’t understand what you meant by
" resolves as a CNAME rather than as A records to Cloudflare proxy IPs."
Because I don’t have much experience with DNS stuff but I tried it anyway and it worked.

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I’m glad it worked, but let me explain why that is to help your understanding.

Normal DNS would just work and resolve to where you point it. Cloudflare is a little different because it provides a proxy service. This means that Cloudflare sits in between your website and the visitors and adds security/performance benefits. To do this, Cloudflare has to make the DNS point to them and then they pass on the requests to your server.

What you did by changing the record from :orange: to :grey: was to disable Cloudflare so it only provides standard DNS for that hostname and resolves directly to wherever you point it.

Hopefully that helps!


Thank you for clarifying the only thing I don’t understand now is why didn’t it work with having it go through cloudflare and t hen it worked making it just a normal DNS.

No problem!

That will most likely be because Google wanted to verify the record was in place before activating your site. When it was going through Cloudflare, they would only see Cloudflare records and not the CNAME they were expecting.

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