Setting up DKIM

Our website host is requesting the following:

You have no DKIM record setup for [website name]

A DKIM record allows mail to be signed proving that emails are legitimate, without a DKIM record this is not possible and emails may be bounced or identified as spam.
Please add the following DNS record "visualsoftvs3._domainkey CNAME " to the domain you use for emails.

Unfortunately your DNS is not provided by Visualsoft. Please contact your DNS provider to have them add a DKIM record.

This is what we currently have however it’s not working and we’ve tried a few things.

Does anyone have any idea what we need to do?

You added a TXT record. The instructions you included in your post directed you to create a CNAME record. Delete the TXT record and follow the directions your host provided and you should achieve the desired outcome.


Thank you for the help. We have done this however we are still getting the message on our website host:


And this is what we have done on Cloudflare:

The record should be DNS Only :grey:

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This has worked! Thank you so much for the help.

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