Setting up custom error page!

Hey fellas, the custom error page I worked on does not redirect to our website. Can you guys please help? Not sure what the issue is! I’ve done everything properly via Cloudflare.

You did this in the Custom Pages section of a Paid Plan dashboard? Does it show the bouncing ellipsis (…) screen? And you’ve tried this on a live site? I don’t think Preview mode will redirect.

Can you post a redacted version of your HTML into a </> formatted post here? I’d like to copy and paste it to test it out.

hey this is the code used and yes we do have a site named

It’s failing because you have ::IM_UNDER_ATTACK_BOX:: inside a script tag.

Try this instead:
<div style="display:none;">::IM_UNDER_ATTACK_BOX::</div>

worked thank you!

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