Setting up custom domain on CloudApp using CF & Hover

Hey everyone, hope I’m sending this to the right topic :slight_smile: Last week I bought the domain (on Hover) to use as my custom domain for CloudApp drops.

I followed this article on Cloudapp to set everything up.

Deciding I wanted to have secure SSL on the links, I also set up on CF. It found my DNS records on Hover and I switched the name servers to CF also. I added the domain to Cloudapp and carried on.

Last step from the article was to add the CNAME record to CF and wait for everything to update. This is where I’m stuck. When I tried the first time it said the record was already present on the domain, error 81053. No problem, I deleted all records from Hover (saw that in another thread regarding the error).

Now Hover is totally devoid of DNS records but I’m still getting the error when trying to add the CNAME for [@ -] as stated in the CloudApp article.

Do I just need to wait for everything to refresh longer or am I totally overlooking something?

@ and are equivalent. Since you already have an A record for, you can’t add a CNAME record for the same thing.

As for Hover DNS, you can ignore those, as Hover is no longer your name server for DNS Records. Your changes there will have no impact here.


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