Setting up Cname record to point domain to kartra


We are trying to point our domain name to our new kartra website, but the issue is that Kartra’s instructions state to just create a “Cname” record and remove the “A” record. So you would only have a and then you would set up a redirect so that the domain name without the www points to Unfortunately when I do that and go to the website I get an error saying that we’re not allowed to do and that you cannot just have a Cname record and no A record . Below are the instructions kartra sent us on how to setup our domain dns records. Please let me know how we can point our domain name to kartra. We are just using the Cloudflare free plan.

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See screenshots of the error I get when putting in the cname www pointing to kartra.

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Also, see screenshot below of instructions that kartra set on how to setup dns records.

Okay, I was actually able to get the cname record to work if I kept the old A record in there. The only issue with this is that the domain name without the www still goes to the old server then. I tried creating a redirect rule but it isn’t work. See redirect rule below. What can I do here to get it to redirect properly.

Set the A record for to (a dummy) and make sure it is proxied. At the moment it is unproxied and pointing direct to the origin so Cloudflare can’t intercept the request and redirect it. Your redirect looks OK from the screenshot so should work when you do that. (Assuming has a CNAME pointing as required which it seems to be at the moment)

For any service that asks for a CNAME like this, you can’t use the apex domain as although Cloudflare will do a CNAME in the dashboard, it has to return the ultimate IP address when queried to comply with RFCs.

An example of this comes from Cloudflare themselves who have to CNAME to for, goes to a Google host to redirect to www.

Awesome, thank you. I think it’s working now.

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I don’t think it is, is returning to me - I should see it return a Cloudflare IP address. You need to proxy that A record (set to orange cloud). The CNAME should not be proxied (grey cloud) - that seems correctly set.

Your right, I just checked but got it set to proxy now. Should be all set at this time. Thanks again for your help.


One last thing, there’s no HTTP to HTTPS redirect. Best to switch on “Always use HTTPS” or use a page rule to redirect ( times out)

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