Setting up cloudflare without pointing my domain to the original server first?

I would like to point a new domain directly to Cloudflare without exposing my servers nameservers.

As I understand, I would normally set up my domain to point to my server, then I’d go through Cloudflare who detects those normal nameservers, and then I’m asked to replace those nameservers with Cloudflare ones.

However there are sites out there that log every change to a domains nameservers and I do not wish to expose my server for a certain website.

Am I able to set up cloudflare from the default domain NS after purchase directly to Cloudflare, skipping pointing to my own server directly first?

Hi @lewis-kelly.b,

That is not currently possible, your domain has to resolve with valid nameservers before you can add it to Cloudflare. You could use a third party service like

I was thinking it wouldn’t be possible. Unfortunately that service goes way over my head. Guessing the only way to remain private in the way I describe is to go for a shared host where it’s impossible to link site ownership together by the nameservers?

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